Lodz, Inc.

About us

LODZ a meticulous, high-end intermediary specifically adapted for each of our customers. Your satisfaction, our success!

Who are we?

LODZ is a Canadian marine brokerage company. Founded by three business partners including;.

  • MAXIME GAMACHE, nominated several times among the best sellers, real estate broker in Canada
  • MIKO LEPAILLEUR, our marketing expert.
  • MAXIME CROTEAU, the man of universal spirit! The reference for his technical knowledge.

An anchored team, ABYC certified and YATCH WORLD member

What more LODZ has to offer you?

We are the first in this field and in Canada to offer the cryptocurrency payment service with our DELLO terminals, a reliable and fast service! So, your interglobal transactions are easy and give you a better exchange rate for your money.

LODZ also stands out for its high-end products exclusively with us, our luxurious floating houses, manufactured by NOMADREAM http://www.nomadreamcanada.com/

On top of all that

Did you know that LODZ is involved in society and is part of every mission through the distribution of patrol boats to the police and military service? AQUASPIRIT BY LODZ Solidly active in your research, safely! http://www.aqsboats.com


Our mission at LODZ is simple. We know that everyday life is sometimes stressful, which is why our team will offer you a triple A (AAA) turnkey service for exceptional peace of mind. Our inclusions include:

- The delivery of a ship by our private and certified captaincy.
- Complete cleaning by our disinfection team
- Sets for taking photos with our designers
- Professional photography, ultra-HD, drone
- MLS and non-MLS access for a larger network of private clients worldwide.
- DELLO terminal, pay with your cryptocurrency if you wish!

A Team of Professional Yatch Brokers

From various backgrounds - sharing one passion. Their priority: helping you find the right boat

Hear from the industry leaders

We’re here to help

Lodz is a team of professionals that can assist you in finding the right boat for you. Reach out to us for tailored assistance and customer service. Your satisfaction is our priority!